1.The camisole first made its way into the fashion scene as a foundation garment, the body was made of cotton, silk or linen. Around 1915, bras accentuated a camisole-type body, featuring narrow straps. Women put on camisoles like protective layers under dresses and corsets

2.The camisole top turned out to be a non-foundation fashion wear in the 1980’s with a bit of consolidation later in the 1990s.

3.Often at cross roads with tank tops, the camisole lends a uniquely feminine, flattering touch and feel from petite to plus size ranges showing women as they are.

4.Camisoles are quite basic with only 3-4 patterns made use of in most designs. There is a front and back, over and above two thin straps which is adjustable according to the design.

5.There are some camisole tops that come with fun bow ties, while there are others that features sliders like that of a bra. A camisole can be either short or long in the torso and also feature either a snug or loose cut.

6.Camisoles come in different fabric materials such as cotton jersey, satin, silk, polyester or organic cotton.

7.According to the fabric and structure, a camisole can be used as a simple warm-weather shirt, body-shaper or draped loosely. Camisoles are great additions underneath business suits, adding a layer of modesty and splash of colour contrast to an otherwise bland and plain corporate look.

8.Camisoles are excellent fashion apparel during hot-weather months of the year and in warmer climate.

9.Camisole tops are popular in countries that allow women to wear clothes of their choice, as they lack the standards of modest dress.

10.Camisoles cannot be considered office wear in most business and corporate settings. Well, you don’t see them often in religious events as well. Camisole makes a great evening wear if made in a chic and fancy fabric with some form of graceful embellishment.

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