The United Nations, in view of the importance to ensure the improvement and preservation of the human environment, which has had a tremendous impact on the well being of peoples and economic progress all over the world, formally announced June 5 as ‘World Environment Day’. The objective of this declaration is to expand the basis for an informed opinion and accountability exercised by individuals, communities and enterprises in protecting and enhancing the environment and ecosystem. Ever since its inception in 1974, it has established itself as a global forum for public outreach with a wide presence in over 100 countries.

World Environment Day is, undoubtedly, the biggest event for strategising and delivering actionable environmental solutions. The theme for every World Environment Day is different: in 2018, the theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Every theme establishes the action plan for that year, helping in developing a framework for fighting environmental challenges. The theme brings people from different walks of life to collectively work together towards a common cause and make a positive impact in our day-to-day lives by reducing the impact of human activities on the environment and natural eco-system.

The World Environment Day 2019 will be hosted by China, and the theme for this year is “Air Pollution”, taking into consideration the poor quality of the air we breathe in which has resulted in serious respiratory ailments all over the world. It is to be noted that about 7 million people face premature death every year from air pollution, with about 4 million deaths occurring in the Asia-Pacific region alone. This year’s environment day will urge governments, communities, corporations, industries and individuals to jointly explore the potential of renewable energy and green tech, and improve the quality of air in major cities and regions across the globe.

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