Babies are quite delicate. Therefore, it is important how you select clothes and accessories for your newborn. If you are a first-time parent you may need some education on the kind of material that actually goes into making baby clothes. Count on certified organic cotton products: they are safe, gentle, comfortable and above all hypoallergenic against your baby’s ultradelicate skin.

organic cotton

There are several reports of babies developing inflammation, irritation and even respiratory problems, in extreme cases, with other commercial varieties of cotton, which makes organic cotton type a highly preferable material for baby clothes, bedding and products. Organically farmed cotton is rendered absolutely safe as it has no toxic chemicals; it is completely pesticide-free as it has no traces of any pesticides that could adversely impact your baby’s health.

It is no secret that cotton fields in the US alone expunge billions of dollars on fertilizers alone. Most pesticides used contain an alarming dose of cancer-causing chemicals or carcinogens. Imagine the adverse effects of such chemicals when they come into contact with your baby.

Traditional cotton farming practises not only contaminate the air, water and soil but also harm the farmers cultivating it. The real issue is that these chemicals cannot be got rid of post-harvest technologies in which cotton fabric is made. Therefore, the safest best is buying certified organic cotton apparel.

Certified organic cotton, unlike traditional cotton that is chemical-grown, is produced in line with rigorous third-party certified standards that reduce the negative impacts of traditional cotton cultivation in the environment. Growing of cotton making use of sustainable methods, including mechanical weeding and natural predator for control of pests, not only helps farmers produce chemical-free organic cotton but also saves our environment. Certified organic products make use of environmental-friendly dyes that are non-skin irritant.

Although choice of styles and colours is limited, certified organic cotton products enable parents be a part of the evolving green movement in caring for our ecosystem, while purchasing the best in safety clothes and products. Therefore, going for certified organic apparels is the way for a healthy and eco-conscious living.