The COVID-19 has had a spiral derailing effect on the functioning of most sectors globally. It has literally shattered the hopes of tens and thousands of garment manufacturers and the livelihood of millions of lives dependent on this sector across the world. Once considered recession-proof, the cotton industry is going through its worst nightmares owing to the devastating effects of the Novel Corona virus, with no signs of respite in the immediate future. Cotton cultivation too has been badly hit due to the lockdown in place in almost every region of the world with the supply chain cut off and ecosystem disrupted at different points. Thus, to discuss the effects of Corona virus on the organic cotton industry will be beyond the scope of the blog.

On behalf of the team and management of BitzIndia, we pray sincerely for the safety and well-being of our employees, staff, customers and everyone of you from the effects of COVID-19. We have been fully cooperating with the Government during this lockdown adhering to the guidelines and modalities laid down by both the State and Central Government.

As a business venture, though we view this lockout as a killer of economy and livelihoods of workers and communities, it is important that social distancing is strictly maintained to keep both you and your family safe from infection. Personal hygiene is another factor that the Government has been advocating to mitigate the contagious nature of this deadly virus. At the same time, having healthy foods that would enhance and improve the overall immunity mechanism of the body is the only known antidote in the absence of any proven or tested vaccine and treatment.

We have also ensured our employees and staff do not have to endure financial burden and, more importantly, have taken measures to care for their safety and well being, which is the need of the hour. As the saying goes, ‘This too shall pass away’, we will come out of the crisis soon and emerge stronger than ever before to face future challenges.

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