We all wear them, don’t we? And we all want more of them—of course, without burning our pockets—yes, we are referring to Leggings s, the latest rave in the market. Whether you are hitting the yoga mat for the time or a seasoned yoga practitioner, you need to have the right yoga Leggings s to boost your self-esteem and improve performance. Often we see girls and women whine when their Leggings s are not breathable, too tight, too long, too petite, see-through, or just awful, horrible—definitely not good, for sure.

Yoga Leggings come in a plethora of shapes, design patterns, colours and sizes. Therefore, it becomes overwhelmingly tricky to make the correct choice. There are four factors you need to consider before you make your next Leggings purchase:

Fit design

If your Yoga Leggings are tight-fitting, skinny and show everything, then it isn’t any good; you ought to look for dress that look and fit right. The word ‘compression’ is a keyword here, but it’s more often the design that dictates decision. Too much of stability and support means you need to cope with some discomfort and ‘Fashion Agony’. You need to strike that perfect balance between ‘comfort’ and ‘design’ before you want to go for a Leggings.

The larger the waistband of Leggings, the greater is the comfort level for the wearer. A wide waistband can offer the much required support to the midsection region when the Yogi practices the Yogic stretches, twists, bends, and inversions.

Fabric material

If you are OK with the fit, you must narrow down your focus now on the choice of fabric — whatever you are comfortable with. Don’t worry if your pair of Leggings costs a tad high; it’s because the quality of fabric matters a lot, particularly the touch and feel of the fabric. Check if it is breathable and really feather light on your skin.

Design Patterns

Gone are the days when women were happy with plain yoga Leggings —essentially, solid colours or a minimal design patter. These days, women want to experiment with different Leggings colours and textures. Not to mention crazy, funky Yoga Leggings that will add more drama to your style.

Price Point

Yoga Leggings come at different price points; what you get is what you pay for. Quality Yoga Leggings come at a premium depending on the fabric that they are made of. If you are looking for Leggings made of 100% organic cotton that is soft, breathable and also that which offers great value for money, why not check our fun, fresh, and funky line up of Leggings that we have for you? We are sure you’ll fall in love with. And why not when you feel and look great for Yoga workouts and beyond?