Fast-fashion clothes are killing farmers worldwide and they directly lead to the damage of the environment and depletion of the natural ecosystem, as tons of inferior knocks-offs that barely use organic fibers are churned out year after year. Genetically modified cotton and other seeds are sprayed with tons and tons of chemicals and utilize more water for higher yields. Synthetic fibres, in effect, have caused considerable destruction to the environment and natural resources as manufacturers continue to produce them at a staggering volume, and distribute them in the market place.

On the consumer end, people are easy on the money buying jeans or t-shirts, but they fail to think beyond that. Let’s face it; the disposal of such cheap stuff has increased by over 400% in the last twenty years. The average female now dumps 82 pounds of clothes every year. In general, every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is either burned or landfilled.

All said and done textiles manufactured from organic fibres carry its own price tag, and, at times, can be on the higher side compared to its conventional counterparts. The best way to start is using organic cotton towels, sheets and innerwear just the way you think of healthy, organic foods. But remember when it comes to improving your health and giving back to the environment, it’s worth spending your money on.

Several manufacturers around the world have understood the significance of reducing fast fashion and have shifted gears to sustainable farming and organic fibres. Just for the numbers, the global organic cotton increased by 8 per cent from 2016 to 2017.

It is also about changing the way consumers understand how their clothing decision, particularly the choice of fabrics, may directly impact their lives as well as the environment. Bitz India is committed to using 100% sustainable organic cotton for its entire range of innerwear and activewear for men, women and kids online.