While the number of women who wear leggings during travel is on a high, the comfort factor remains to be seen. Are leggings really travel-friendly on long-haul flights? Here are some questions you need to answer before deciding to wear leggings on your next tour:

Do You Wear Leggings Every Day?

Leggings are a great everyday wear that can be worn day in and out; therefore, why not on a tour or vacation? If you aren’t used to wearing leggings on an everyday basis, then why stuff them into your travel bag or suitcase in the first place? The idea may also apply to other travel wear and accessories, anything from travel pants, flats, leather jackets, ballet, maxi dresses, hats to shorts.

Where Are You Travelling?

Whether you want to wear leggings or not depends on where you travel down to. If you are heading for an active trip that involves yoga, running, hiking, or other physical activities, leggings make a comfortable, lightweight and stylish clothing option.

What Time Of The Year Are You Travelling?

Are you travelling between seasons? Leggings make a great transition wear from summer to fall. All you need to do is layer your leggings under shorts or dresses to transition your warm outfit into cold weather optimal clothing.

Are You a Workout Freak?

You are on your vacation, but then you don’t want to miss out on your gym session at the hotel, ensure you carry dry fitness leggings for your trip. As we discussed above, leggings are just perfect for strenuous workouts and morning running.

How Do Your Pair Them With?

Are you on board a plane? You can still pair your leggings with a long tunic or top layered under a jacket or cardigan. However, make sure both outfits cover your hips and pelvic region, for the most part, for a modest look.

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