We often find men misquoting that V-neck tees are only for women or why to wear them when they are so girly and so on. But is there any grain of truth to it all? That wouldn't change the fact! Let’s check on some of the myths associated with wearing V-neck style

V-necks are a Girl’s Thing!

Really, give it a thought again; V-neck tees are actually unisex. This, mainly, is attributed to the fact that V-necks draw attention to the facial features. But putting neckline aside, V-neck tees are perfect for both women and men alike. Therefore, give crewnecks a break; you will be glad you did it.

Light Coloured V-neck T-shirts are Unflattering:

No, not at all. Just try teaming a V-neck tee up with a pair of white, grey or black separates and it will prove inseparable. In fact, it lends an urbane look with sneakers and jeans paired off with a blazer or a jacket. Put on a sunglass and watch for a more stylishly flamboyant look. Colour rules don’t exist anymore here! Follow your instincts, no matter how unconventional it is.

T-shirts Can be Accessorized, One Helluva, a V-Neck One

Incorrect again. Women can accessorise a V-neck with the long necklace for a breezy look or a choker, thin chain or statement piece for stylizing the slimmer, taller look. As for the fellas, a single chunky number must be sure enough.

For Short Guys Wearing T-Shirts is a No-No

Another myth is that V-necks aren’t for the stockily-built guys as it gives off an impression of a longer torso. Turtlenecks, by covering up the neck, make tall men look shorter. Do not allow the material to hang loosely over all of the dress.

So guys haven’t you added V-neck t-shirts to your shopping list yet? Why don’t you go for one in the comfort of your room with our wide range of V-Neck T-Shirts stocked on our website? You’ll be as pleased as punch!

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