Who does not love to flaunt off in a snug, bright and flashy t-shirt? They are such easy on the go. People wear them while getting their hands dirty whether in a construction site, factory, garage or in the backyard. It’s a breeze to slip in a top, camisole or t-shirt, every night, before hitting the pillow.

If the t-shirt or a jacket or cap does not have your brand logo or other branding elements imprinted on it, you are likely to miss out on a proven and powerful marketing stunt. Walking advertisements with T-shirts? Who wouldn't be pleased with an interactive promotion of his/her brand for marketing a product, company or brand for business, charities, fundraising activities, etc? At such events, they are usually distributed for free. Athletes and runners love them too, so T-shirts are a staple in their closet. The fitness industry has made T-shirts not just walking but running ads for their products. T-shirts are sold at throw-away prices these days and come in hundreds of designs, patterns, and colors.

All said and done, you need to ask yourself if t-shirts are really that healthy. Talk to any industry insider, and he/she will tell what is inside those eye-stunningly colorful T-shirts. The basic raw fabric of these T-shirts takes in a lot of colors known as “dyes and chemicals”. Industry experts say that (by some estimate), any colorful t-shirt can gain 10% to 100% of weight after it is treated with chemicals, dyes, and different finishes on it, most of which are quite harmful to the skin. This implies that plain shirts (without any colors) maybe even 30% lighter in weight, mainly because it does not contain any artificially made synthetic chemicals and dyes. It goes without saying that our shirts carry a lot of synthetic chemicals hugging our body at all times.

If you’re a buyer aware of the adverse effects of these synthetic chemicals, look no further, and save your skin by buying 100% organic cotton wear from BitzIndia online.

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