Most gynaecologists reveal that conventional cotton underwear could have some grave implications on women’s health. Whilst most women get a kick out of wearing sassy and bold lingerie, gynaecologists are of the opinion that it may not be advisable to do so on a daily basis. Going for organic cotton inners will pave the way for a healthy lifestyle.

Equally important is to put on underwear that fits snug and comfy. Thrush (or Vaginal Thrush) is a very common form of yeast infection that is prevalent among women; the reason is often attributed to wearing inners made of synthetic material and tight underwear. The warmer and moister the environment is, the more likely one is prone to yeast infection. Also, wearing inners that are too small a size can aggravate the problem as it breeds an oxygen-free zone for irritating organisms.

Experts recommend wearing breathable cotton fabric or, in other words, 100% organic cotton material to keep vaginal infections at bay. Women with organic cotton inners on experience fewer vaginal infections and healthy periods as the material isn’t subjected to harmful chemicals, dyeing and processing. The material that readily comes into contact with the intimate areas can easily transport bacteria. Similarly, G-string or Thong wearers are more prone to urinary tract infections.

The effect can multiply with either prolonged wearing of G-string or Thong or use of traditional cotton materials. Remember these aren’t the only underwear sins that impact one’s vaginal health. We don’t say that it is completely wrong in every sense wearing tight thongs or unbreathable silk for those hot steamy nights filled with passion, but they aren’t great as everyday wear considering the adverse effects of chemical dyeing and processing, as already discussed at the start of the blog. So keep a tab on what you actually wear to prevent vaginal yeast infections.