For many summer is exciting as it presents many challenges to cope with. This year the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in almost every country has played spoilsport as the world is witnessing a lockdown as never before. With the relaxation of lockdown, people may be allowed restricted movement to carry out essential chores. With summer expected to hit the peak this May, people have to think and act differently to beat the heat. Cotton garments traditionally have had a huge impact as the ideal summer outfit. India is one of the largest producer and exporter of cotton too. But what has changed this summer?

The word ‘organic’ is no more a cliche. In fact, there has been a paradigm shift in the mindset of Indian consumers. The buying pattern has changed from ‘traditional’ cotton to ‘organic’ cotton. This is because of a growing awareness of the demerits of conventional cotton when mixed with other synthetic fibres such as nylon, spandex, etc. An increasing number of skin allergy cases have been attributed to the prolonged use of synthetic fibres. This summer, let’s make a difference to our lifestyle as well as the living standards of millions of cotton farmers around the globe by preferring to wear organic over traditional cotton. Trust us; the outcome of your choice will surprise you.

By adopting an organic lifestyle, you are contributing your own bit to the planet and the environment around by reducing carbon footprint. You enjoy a healthy lifestyle by keep harmful skin allergens, cancer causing carcinogens and other harmful chemicals at bay. You offer a new lease of life to millions of organic cotton farmers around the world, and help raise their standard of living with higher financial and social cover. The water consumed to grow organic cotton is relatively reduced by half. You become a useful citizen of the world by giving back something to the community. And yes, let this be your summer with light, stretchable, breathable, and ecologically conscious organic cotton wear range only from the house of BitzIndia.

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