It’s every man’s favourite daily wear. And no man would say no to the ultimate level of comfort and style a t-shirt would bring forth. To put it simply, a t-shirt is simply versatile and goes as the first choice of apparel for most boys and men. Wearers too, more often, don’t think about replacing them until they grow old or fall apart. Like any outfit you buy, you must pay careful attention to the style of your t-shirt. Here are some considerations that matter for getting the right t-shirt fit:

Let’s start with...ah...

Shoulders – The t-shirt seams should rest perfectly on the edge of your shoulders.

Sleeves – Sleeves should not extend to your elbow and fit around the arms nicely. Want to show off your macho guns? Go blazing all guns giving the sleeves a fold or two.

Length – The top should be sufficiently long for you to tuck it into your trousers, but not that long to be bunching at the waist. Make sure it extends your hip bone and fully covers the waistband of your trousers. Should you tuck in your t-shirts into your pants? This we will see later in a separate article.

Stomach – Your top should fit snug and conform slightly to the contour of your body. Too loose? It is less probable that your body’s shape is discernable. Too tight? It is time to reduce your tummy a bit and get into shape! A tapered cut that doesn’t have your waistline swathed is most gratifying.

Neck– This is important as when you raise your arms, you shouldn’t find any unwanted gap about the neck area. This said it shouldn’t be too tight so as to not move around freely.

The right t-shirt will always have good fitting and is never restrictive for a comfortable and free-flowing movement. Wear skin tight tops only for sports.

We will follow this post up with some tips on how to wear a t-shirt in style, whether you should opt for a crew or v-neck style t-shirt, whether you should tuck in the t-shirt in your trousers and how to style anything you wear with a t-shirt.

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