Bitz India is one of the leading organic cotton wear brands in India for men, women and kids. Organic cotton, as seen in some of our previous blogs, has its own share of benefits to the general well-being of the consumers. Most of its benefits come from the way organic cotton is grown, produced and distributed.

Bitz India is duly committed to the health and well-being of its customers. That is why we lay greater emphasis on the best practices of organic cotton agriculture and production. By this, we are doing our own bit in protecting the health of people and the environment around by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals from synthetic pest controls that can quietly seep into the groundwater system, spread in the air, or enter into the food supply chain. Remember their impact can range from negligible to severe, from respiratory illness to cancer!

Because organic cotton relies on the limited number of pest control materials for controlling insects and weeds, you are helping your family to lead a highly organic lifestyle. Most natural or non-synthetic materials are extracted from plant or animal matter and minerals which are not subjected to any synthetic process. Examples include hydrogen peroxide, garlic, vinegar, and neem oil. Over and above, organic farmers have access to only 23 active pest control products compared to over 900 registered for use in the case of traditional cotton farming.

The Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative report indicates that 63% of the organic cotton that it alone grows in the US has no artificial substances for weed control and that their growers rather prefer using hand weeding and mechanical tillage. Also, no insect control is used. Instead, resilient crops are created using only healthy soils and particularly neem oil.

Several management practises employed by organic agriculture including the usage of cover crops and rotations, minimum tillage and increased addition of nitrogen-fixing legumes enhance the return of carbon as nutrients to the soil, thereby enhancing productivity and facilitating sequester carbon.

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