We have seen in our previous blogs how Bitz India’s range of organic cotton products changed the way how sustainable lifestyle is being adopted on a daily basis. There are little steps that one can take to make the world a better place to live. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle helps you become an eco-conscious shopper. Caring for the environment around makes one an empathetic and productive citizen of the world.

This year let us be conscious of our environmental footprint. The best way to start off if you are a girl is to go for the range of our organic cotton leggings. If that isn’t enough you can purchase fewer single-use plastics and make more conscious, sustainable clothing decisions. As a workout dress, leggings can be a little tough. But if you have opted for a pair of organic cotton leggings, it is usually stretchy, sweat-wicking and highly comfortable without the use of any synthetic chemicals to make those fabrics.

Organic cotton leggings is a good starting point. It is 100% organic cotton and is free of any insecticides and pesticides which have marked harmful effects on the environment, let alone human health.

We all have our favorite brand leggings stocked in our wardrobe, but when you’re looking to make an eco-conscious decision, it is time we look beyond our fav brands. If you feel organic cotton leggings aren’t still mainstream, Bitz India would prove it wrong. Let’s not forget that majority of the leggings are still isn’t earth-friendly meaning they are produced with mostly synthetic fabrics.

Buying a pair of these environmental-friendly leggings might seem a small step, but you’re sending a strong message that brands should be more eco-conscious with better-for-the-planet and sustainable line of clothing and this could make such a significant impact overall.

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