Boxer vs. Brief – simple as it may sound, is something that every man should know of when it comes to his inner comfort levels. Most sexologists advice that men’s testicles should stay cool, and ideally the testes need to be maintained at a degree or two below one’s normal body temperature to boost sperm count. As Boxers give you more room and coverage, they are perfect as lounge wear or as beachwear. You can answer the door wearing your boxers, but wouldn’t attempt in your briefs, would you? They come in a plethora of colours and prints: beer, cars, food items, toon characters, lips, and lots more.

But then, what are the cons of putting on a boxer? We bet you’ll never put on a boxer if you are engaged in playing active sports or driving a two-wheeler, that's too much for the asking. Boxers are loose and they may bunch up and ride up inside your pants. Not a good look at all! Also, there is that thick elasticised waistband that can rub up the wrong way. Can you go for looser boxers? You never know when they will slip and fall off. If the wearer turns excited, everyone knows.

On the other hand, Briefs prevent dangling, i.e. hanging or swinging loosely; therefore, they are perfect for sports and outdoor activities. They are great wear for hitting the gym or if you need to sit for longer working hours. Men's briefs fit close to the skin and stay in place during movement. There is nothing like bunching under pants, with briefs, and are perfect who like to sport slim-cut trousers and denims. If you have a sculpted body, you’d look great with brief on; women too prefer men showing off toned bodies sporting briefs.

Wearing snug brief can increase the temperature of your testicle. Tight briefs will generate more heat around your testicles which can lower the production of sperm. Briefs may lose form and shape fast and you may tend to replace your briefs with boxers, more often than not. Wearing briefs during summer can pose another problem: skin irritations and jock itch; putting on boxers can help prevent skin irritation.

It is important that you have good blood circulation around the testicles; only wearing a comfortable and good fitting brief can ensure this. If you are looking for men’s briefs and boxers made of 100% organic cotton, don’t go any further as we have stocked a wide range of comfy, stylish and eco-friendly underwear, designed to be extremely soft on your skin.