Bitz India is a company on a mission by 2020, our objective is to source our cotton from only sustainable sources that require less pesticides, water, and fertilizers, and thereby help the farming communities and their families improve their everyday living standards.

The highlight of our products is that the fabric used is sourced from 100% Organic cotton which is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The raw material (namely knitted fabric, processed fabric, yarn) used are all supplied by GOTS-certified manufacturers. We’re always committed to using better cotton and have invested tremendously into the procurement of 100% organic cotton. We will also continue to raise our voice for increased production of organic cotton the coming year as much as we ask consumers to use organic cotton.

We strongly believe that the use of organic cotton will normalize with increasing competition among the various brands in the marketplace. Increased competition will lead to competitive prices in the organic cotton fabric space. And these are such exciting times if you are a consumer. We are sure the coming year will also see an increase in the way organic cotton is promoted among the consumer base. A mix of proven benefits and creative advertising will play a major role in taking organic cotton wear to the masses. This means the price difference between organic and traditional cotton wear would no more be a spot of bothering to the regular customer considering the multitude of healthy goodies that organic cotton offers.

One of the key initiatives of Bitz India is driving the goal of using more and more sustainable cotton, as our results so far speak and as we keep working hard towards sustaining our efforts in terms of capacity building.

The success of our efforts lies primarily in how the different functions within our organization such as our sourcing and sustainable department align towards a common objective.

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