Are you suffering from Eczema or itchy inflammation of the skin? Needless to say, it can be a frustrating and disturbing experience. This condition is characterized by itching of skin, dry skin, thickening of skin and formation of rashes all over the body. Eczema, in general cases, is a condition that lasts only up to first two years of one’s life. But in some extreme cases, it can trouble one throughout his or her life with its effects.

Research studies, time and again, have shown that one of the primary causes of allergy is the clothing we wear and the type of fabric used —nylon, leather and other clothing types which have appreciable amount of chemicals in their composition. Times have changed, and hopefully, today, we have organic clothing that is considered the best way to deal with eczema flare ups, and that, which can offer comfort to your skin and prevent it from irritating scratching.

Today’s fashion statement is marked by embracing synthetic fabrics that has done more harm than good with skin irritation and several skin disorders. Apparently, this is due to the chemicals and the dyes used for colouring the fabric. This said, even the act of processing isn’t convincing enough.

When the skin turns out to be dry —as visible in most cases —the person has eczema, and the skin tends to crack. Even highly invisible cracks can absorb toxins and chemicals, resulting in itching and rashes.

It is high time that people switch to natural fabrics such as wool, silk, and organic cotton, as these natural fibres are devoid of any form of chemicals that cause skin irritation. Organic cotton chemicals are produced using natural organic chemicals, and they aren’t processed or cultivated with any skin irritant chemicals.

Nowadays, you can find many retailers offering anti-itch eczema cotton wears including cotton gloves, nightwear, socks, underwear and tights both for kids as well as for adults alike. The manufacturing process for anti-itch eczema cotton wears is based on a technology known as ‘natural silver soothe’ that comes as relief for itchy skin by getting rid of cross-infections on your skin.

In addition to reducing itchy skin infections, eczema relief wear can also be used for other skin conditions such as Molluscum virus, psoriasis and chicken pox. Thanks to eczema relief wear, you and your child are now at complete peace of mind!