Is there any natural fibre that makes athletic wear breathable and functional but offers the same performance as synthetics? That is to say that there has been no compromise of the day-to-day performance of the material. Did we mention organic cotton? Yes, you heard it right. The challenge also lies in making athletic clothes moisture-wicking and water-resistant organic cotton delivers on all these fronts to nicety.

We, at Bitz India, have introduced a new line of cycling shorts for active cyclists, a reflection of our sustainable mindset, whilst also making environment chemical-free. Most consumers have no idea about the chemicals percolating through their clothes. Our objective is to primarily eliminate chemical exposure, but at the same time make organic clothes more sustainable and comfortable for consumers.

The activewear market is mainly polyester-based, and with the increasing number of synthetic fibres in the marketplace, there has been a growing demand to do away with the harmful chemicals and microplastics that come with these. Bitz India has also been awarded the highest accreditation for eco-friendly production, though a continued work-in-progress. We also encourage farmers to cut down energy and water usage and reduce seawater pollution, while also ensuring the well-being and safety of workers.

Though organic cotton fibre is synonymous with both tactility and breathability, consumers have little choice left but to choose synthetic fibre if they are looking for performance wear that does nothing in terms of absorbing stains, odour or sweat. And they are the ones that have become mainstream in today’s fashion. Looking for the best organic cotton activewear for athletics, cyclists and runners online? Don’t sit on the fence; just give us a call to know more about our range of organic cotton activewear available on our website.