Sustainable fashion or eco-fashion is nothing but fashion that is ingrained with a philosophy or goal of creating a system that supports social and environmental concerns on the clothing manufacturing sector. Any brand that supports eco-fashion makes use of organic materials and fibres as part of the manufacturing process. The choice of fabrics ensures use of minimum water and zero pesticides and chemicals in the manufacturing process.

The first step towards supporting sustainable fashion is to research your current brand, and study if they make use of eco-friendly, organic materials like organic cotton, hemp, jute, ramie, silk or wool. Also, learn if their products are manufactured using sustainable production methods. You can start with your favourite brand, and check what they do (or what they don’t) to help the environment. See if their choice of materials and production methods of clothing falls within your own set of beliefs, methods and values. This will increase your sustainability levels and also reduce your carbon footprint.

A lot of brands, today, have shifted gears: they use lower resources, synthetic fertilizers and pollutants and waste, and their process has become more ethical in a way that they respect the environment around, and protect people’s health and welfare. It just isn’t you are investing in your clothes alone, but also in the environment around you.

Sustainable fashion, more often than not, isn’t simply how materials are chosen and clothes made, but is also defined by how the consumer buys it. For instance, if the material employed is reused, vintage or makes use of recycled fabrics, it is still sustainable.

It is also important we know how much energy is spent during each garment manufacture. The impact that the manufacturing process has on our environment in terms of carbon, water and waste should be measured.

Sustainable and Organic clothes are no longer simple, plain and monotonous. You can look great with organic clothes and still do your bit for the environment. Fashion brands must believe in aesthetics and ethics, and so should the ‘consumer’ in you by going for sustainably-made clothes. In this way, you play a little, yet significant part in protecting our lovely planet for the future.