For those who are wondering if women approaching 40 can wear leggings: ‘yes’; however there isn’t any “one size fits all” answer to it. They may even pick plus size leggings based on their silhouette. The mantra, if you are 40 and over, is to style your leggings in a way that makes you look stylish and chic, never garish or gaudy. Here are some of the ways in which you may look graceful with leggings at 40 or beyond

1. Pair it With a Long Shirt or Blouse:

Here is something for a class and casual look –pair it with an elegant and silky blouse. Go for rich shades like purple and red. Include black suede booties, stylish chain bag, and faux leather leggings for a regal look.

2. Pair it With a Polished Poncho:

Here is another way to set the fashion stage on fire: drape yourself in a poncho.

3. Team it Up With a Modern Tunic:

Try pairing leggings with a modern long tunic top or outfit on the short side.

4. With Riding Boots:

If you are enamoured by suede or tall leather riding boots, leggings are great to pair with. They look spry, sporty and comfortable. Pair it with a long sweater, if you want, and accessorize with a chic bag and dash of jewellery for a glam look.

5. How About Pairing Leggings With a Sweater?

Teaming a skinny pair of leggings with sweaters has become commonplace. They lend a classic and ultra-sophisticated appeal. You don’t need anything else other than this snazzy leggings outfit. If you are over 40, you need to be the bit choosy over your leggings’colours: dark brown or black can weave magic. Wild, heavily patterned leggings are a strict no-no, though they are lot more fun and jazzier than the regular colours. Women nearing 40 should try to look classy, not jazzy or flashy with the leggings on.

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