We take stock of every opportunity that comes along our way to raise awareness and encourage consumers to pay attention to know where their clothing comes from. It may sound trivial at the surface, but the price of beauty is dear. It is important first to know that harmful chemicals stay inside your clothing, and next what they are. The most common chemical that is retained in our clothing is formaldehyde.

Though it may sound scary, these chemicals have toxic effect on wearers’ health. There are many brands that add formaldehyde to reduce wrinkles and strain in their clothing; however, customer concerns about safety and satisfaction are on an all-time high. You may even think twice before buying certain innerwear from particular brands.

There have been many cases of female consumers revealing their concerns with their intimate wear, especially bras, as formaldehyde was found in several lingerie brands. Red, itchy rashes were formed in the lower part of the breasts. From inflammation to worse itching, the health issues with formaldehyde-laden bras are increasingly high. This is putting a lot of women at health risk.

It must be noted that formaldehyde is an essential ingredient in cosmetics and found in numerous apparel brands. Though the inclusion of chemicals, in no way, makes specific pieces of clothing appealing, it can potentially result in harmful symptoms from lungs to our respiratory system. It has become more important than ever before to pay closer attention to what is in your clothing.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any safety standard of the amount of chemicals present in the various garment brands. There is that need to fight against manufacturers adding formaldehyde to garments and implementation of safety standards based on what actually is safe or unsafe. It is high time that ladies understand that the addition of certain chemicals have done more harm than good. Are you looking for toxic-free organic cotton clothing online? We are just a click away. An exciting line of 100 per cent organic inner wear is right here at BitzIndia.

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