Comfy children’s undies should be at the top of your kid’s school essentials list. While you get your children the best stationeries and new shoes, how often have you forgotten a clothing item that, for most part, is inconspicuous, yet talks of his or her comfort level at school? Growing kids would want to undergo frequent underwear changes and updates, and sometimes even style according to their bodily changes and shapes. This is the time to look into their fashion, affordability and comfort of innerwear of girls and boys with BitzIndia.

Comfortable Underwear is Everything!

There can be no denying that comfortable inner wear is everything. School children want to dress to impress – without any cutback on comfort. This demands wearing comfortable clothes whether your child is swinging on the slide or having fun on the swings at school.

One of the biggest deterrents to a child who is active at sports can be badly-fitting underwear. That is why BitzIndia’s range of boys and girls innerwear made of 100% organic cotton are tagless, itchless and fits really well. We offer a great line of breathable inners for kids that fit like a charm; all our inners are made from premium organic cotton stretch fabric.

A unique selling point of our kid’s inners is that they keep little bodies comfortable and dry all day long. Your little ones will adore the features that we bring to their inners.

Your child’s innerwear is the next thing to his or her skin - as close as it can get, throughout the day. As a parent, it is important to select the right underwear type that is 100% safe and toxic chemical free. Organic Cotton is known for its breathability properties, is anti-bacterial and reduces skin allergies and rashes. We bring you some of the best organic cotton inner wear so that your kids can wear them all day long at school every day.

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