Anybody out here who felt shopping for kids apparel is any easy? Actually, we fail to look beyond design, colors and stash them up against price while purchasing it, but we overlook something which is as important as caring for your kid’s health fabric material. Here are the answers to some of the questions that you’d have when buying organic clothes or inner wear for kids.

1. Is organic cotton safe for kids?

Organic cotton is absolutely safe for the health and well-being of the kids. It is extremely soft on your kid’s delicate skin. It is breathable, allergy-free, flexible and lighter on the skin.

Furthermore, it is not manufactured with cotton sprayed with insecticides and harmful chemicals to kills pests. This makes it extremely safe for kids to wear and great for the environment and planet too. It is equally safe for the farmers who cultivate cotton as its entire lifecycle is extremely eco-conscious.

2. Is it affordable for me?

Yes, it is extremely affordable though it may cost a tad more than conventional cotton because of its excellent properties.

3. Does it come in different colours and designs?

Organic cotton wear is sold in the marketplace in a gamut of colours, designs and patterns. Check out the range of cotton wear for men, women and kids in our website to make the most of.

4. Does it fade with repeated washes?

No, it doesn’t fade with frequent washes or lose its colour with use over time. Therefore, you can repeatedly use it as much as you want

5. Is organic cotton inner wear safe for kids?

As seen already, organic cotton inner wear is extremely safe to wear and use it a number of times. This is because it doesn’t contain any substance that causes skin irritation or rashes of any form.

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