It doesn’t require a super-conscious mindset to be eco-conscious, whether you are an individual or a brand. It just requires doing the simple things that could make a big impact on the natural ecosystem in the long run. Global climate change has almost become a cliche where there has been much talk and little action. Though activists all over the world make a huge hue and cry over reducing global carbon footprint, the onus is on each and every one of us to develop an eco-conscious mindset with a few easy-to-do-tasks listed below

Change the way you wash:

- Reduce washing clothes multiple times to conserve energy and water by reducing the number of washing machine runs.

- Do away with dryer and allow it to dry naturally in the open air or ventilation.

- Replace your branded regular detergent made of synthetic chemicals with eco-friendly or green detergents available in the market.

- Use cold water to wash your clothes as much energy is spent on heating water for washing clothes. Also, using cold water extends the shelf life of the fabric material.

- If you feel you no longer use your favourite T-shirt or jean, don’t throw away, instead sell it online, donate it to a local charity or pass on to someone who may need it.

- Fixing your broken clothing such as replacing a missing button or inconspicuous tears by self-sewing, taking garment into a seamstress, or even altering it for prolonged use.

- Buy less of synthetic fabric material. And when you buy organic cotton garment, check if it comes from an ethical brand. When you buy a new wear, see if you can wear yourself at least 30 times before getting rid of it.

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