Many men are quite confused whether to select boxers or briefs. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of garment.

Designs of Boxers and Briefs

Men will be able to make up their mind if they are more aware about the designs used for each of these garments. When they are reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each style having a clear picture of both can help.

The Design of Boxers

Boxers are similar to shorts and are loose-fitting garments. They classically have a front fly, and they fit freely at the hips with an elastic waistband. Boxers typically descend to somewhere around mid-thigh and fit freely around the leg. Cotton, silk and polyester blends are the common materials used in boxers. Boxers come in a variety of prints.

The Design of Briefs

It does not provide any coverage of the legs but fits closely to the body. It can have a fly-style opening in the front or a smooth design. Briefs will have thick, elastic waistbands that fit closely just above the hips.

The boxer brief is a popular variation on briefs. Its design stands somewhere between the boxers and the briefs. They extend down onto the legs but the fit will be same as that of a classic pair of briefs.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Boxers and Briefs

Both boxers and briefs offer certain advantages and disadvantages.


Boxers have the advantage here. These garments can fit a wide range of men as they have loose waistbands and fit. On the other hand, briefs demand a much more accurate fit as they are a close-fitting garment.

Boxers and briefs are available in sizes S (small), M (medium), L (large), and XL (extra large). However, sizes can vary from one brand to the next. So men should keep this in mind while shopping for either boxers or briefs.


If you love more freedom boxers should be your choice. But that doesn’t mean it has no disadvantages. Some men will feel overexposed while wearing boxers. When they are worn inside slim jeans or pants boxers can also bunch up. Briefs can feel restrictive after a time for some men but they deliver coverage and on support.

Some of the uneasiness while wearing classic briefs can be eased by wearing boxer briefs. They provide more room to move in general as they don’t have elastic at the top of the thighs that can chafe and pinch.


Briefs are a bit outdated. For most men boxer briefs are a very stylish choice. They look good on men, they are attractive, and will fit perfectly for men with heavier builds. If you want different styles and colours go for boxers. Briefs and boxer briefs tend to come in limited variety of styles and colours.


For formal situations like office wear briefs or boxer briefs are a better choice as they offer much more coverage and support. When relaxation and comfort are what you are looking for boxers are a better choice.