Yeah, but, truth be told, not all. Almost all girls in their teens and later years alike may wear it, mostly as inners when they aren’t wearing a bra. Furthermore, they may like to wear it on top of a bra if the outer top layer or suit is thin and light. Camisoles or Camis are a super pick to liven up an otherwise basic outfit anything but.

Come summer, you can put on one to avoid etching in the scorching heat. Go for a colourful one than a plain white camisole if you aren’t wearing any top or suit for a bolder look. Remember that camisoles won’t look proper if you are large-breasted, as it can fail to cover the breasts, and then it becomes necessary you don a proper bra to hold the breasts. Many even tend to put on a slip in their home and wear a bra outside, as camisoles just serve as a second layer of clothing.

Camisoles, often made of soft materials like cotton, cambric, etc are layered beneath the frock, school uniform or even the kameez outfit comprising tunic (kameez) and a pair of trousers (or salwar) usually teamed up with a scarf (dupatta). The purpose of the camisole is dual: offering an added layer so that the undergarments are not visible or transparent; next, it absorbs sweat with a cotton layer perhaps, the Indian version of forming 'hypoallergenic' clothing.

Camisoles are cool and easy fashion without any element of uneasiness or awkwardness. The best part of wearing a camisole is that they can save you from showing off your cleavage when you quite don’t have to. And when the going gets cold, you need multiple layered ensemble of a bra camisole. Because camis come in different colours, patterns and styles, they can be worn along with jackets for an even sexier and fresh look every time. All said and done, camisoles have become a wardrobe staple for every Indian girl.

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