We umm and ah over the food we eat, in fact we are so hyperconscious of where it comes from. But do we ever bother to care about what we wear? Hmmm...it could be polyester made in sweat shops. It is interesting that we never think beyond where a particular cotton outfit brand or company is located. Easily, ‘the where’ triumphs over ‘the what’ here. Have you ever given a thought about tracing your cotton back to the farmers who cultivated it? If the answer to the question is no, then you should be buying 100% organic cotton wear and activewear from Bitz India.

Organic cotton manufacturers in India understand the significance of traceability. In fact, it is the future of organic cotton and sustainable fashion in the country. We, at Bitz India, are pretty much conscious about mapping our supply chain. This, in turn, may help improve your buying decision when it comes to purchasing organic cotton wear. This implies that it’s just not food that we should be hyperaware of, but what we wear and how its material comes from. It requires customers to be intentional when shopping for organic cotton wear or activewear. On the brighter side, we are gradually moving towards a future where we’ll get to know what goes into making organic cotton apparel as good as what’s gone into our broth.

Bitz India takes pride in its products as they reflect both social as well as environmental benefits. Besides, we are happy that we’re doing our bit to the environment and natural ecosystem around by being true to the planet. Also, refer to our previous blogs on how switching to organic cotton apparel can help conserve the environment. Why not give us a call today to know more about our range of organic cotton wear online?