Organic cotton is known to fight against the odour and the bacteria in the undies in your wardrobe. BitzIndia has an innovative line of organic underwear that keeps your intimate areas fresh by fighting bacteria, reducing perspiration and regulating temperatures. Sounds too good to be true? The secret lies with our use of 100% organic cotton that protects the fabric over frequent washes, prolonged wear and excess perspiration.

All our organic cotton products are guaranteed of germ-killing properties. That is why organic cotton is increasingly being used in athletic wear, hospital gowns and even bandages. Natural fibres such as organic cotton absorb moisture, including the smelly compounds caused due to bacterial infection, which gets entrapped inside the fibres where the foul odour can’t reach our nose. Synthetic fibres do not feature moisture absorption properties. On the other hand, they attract oils. Therefore, synthetic fabric turns out to be quite smelly over frequent use.

Organic cotton is an excellent fabric that can increase the capabilities of your skin – you can keep yourself snug and warm when it is chilly and cold, and cool down when it’s warm and humid. While it helps your body thwart micro-bacterial growth and kill unwanted bacteria. Because one doesn’t have to do too many washings and frequent launderings, organic cotton helps in water conservation, as we had already discussed in our previous blogs. We take pride in the fact that all our products are 100% organic cotton certified without the use of harmful fertilizers, pesticides and other toxper centicals. We strive to bring down the machine washes by at least 50 percent and control microbial growth.

Some of our organic cotton products are manufactured to last as much as 10 years. We believe that sustainable fashion is the way forward for eco-conscious living. Goodbye to ‘planned obsolescence’ and ‘fast fashion’!