The importance to choosing the right bra size has never been so great. Why? It can make look thinner, make it go easy on your back and prevent your breasts from looking saggy. All the more reason why Oprah devoted an entire show to it! For most women inching towards 30 can be a dreadful feeling as changes in breasts size (and thus the bra size), having a baby, putting on or shedding off weight can aggravate fear of social mixing. It is important that women (no money involved here!) get to calculate their bra size correctly every year. There are 4 simple steps involved to measure your bra size: All you need is a non-padded bra and measuring tape.

Step 1: First measure the band of your bra. You need to place the tape pretty much snug and parallel to the ground.

Step 2: Now that you have measured the size, you need to round it to the nearest whole number. If what you get is odd, add 5 to it. If it is even, you need to add 4 to it. Let’s take an example, if what you measured is 30 ¼, round it up to 31, then add 5, and that leaves you with a 36 band measurement.

Step 3: Now you need to measure at the fullest part of your breast, around the nipple level. Round that to the closest whole number. Let us assume your measurement was 38.

Step 4: Take your band measurement and subtract it from the cup measurement. Determine the difference on this chart to see your cup size (38 minus 36 is 2, that’s a B cup).

Put the band measurement with the cup size and off you go. In this case you’d be a 36B.