The most striking aspect of bike shorts is that it doesn’t have seams in the crotch and added padding to minimize discomfort and chafing while riding. Bike shorts are also made from highly flexible materials such as organic cotton that moves along with you and don’t bind while pedalling the bike.

Tips for buying:

You can find a range of bike short style and designs, besides regular shorts having padded inner liners. You first need to decide what type of riding you plan to do, and suitably pick the right bike shorts that serve your purpose best.

1.Remember that bike shorts are worn without underwear.

2.Decide on a budget before you plan to buy a pair of bike short. Do check out for our affordable range of bike shorts here before you shop online.

3.A tight-fitting race shorts is the best fit if you ride your bike faster most part of your time accounting for supreme comfort and aerodynamic fit. Time outside of your riding time, commuting by cycle and touring may need more pockets or if you are serious about the look of the shorts than how fast you ride the bike, then go for ‘baggy short” having an inner liner. Simply carry along a pair of loose-fitting cycling shorts to get on when you’re off the bike.

4.Chamois or synthetic material is the most common fabric for bike short padding. Chaimois is more advantageous than synthetic linings. The padding also runs from thick to thin, with the thinnest pads designed for triathletes so that they can bike, run and swim slipping on the same shorts. Padding can vary for men and women; therefore, it has to be selected accordingly.

5.Biking shorts that are less expensive contains fewer fabric panels, whilst the most form-fitting and most expensive bike shorts have as much as eight panels of fabrics. They all have different fittings, therefore experiment with multiple styles.

6.Bib shorts that provide shoulder straps are more useful and comfortable than those offering elastic waistbands, particularly when you need to ride long hours bent forward at the waist.

7.Shorts are available in different inseam lengths. The shorter shorts are great for triathlons, spin class and even tanning sessions. Because shorts can stay longer in place, they can prevent chaffing of the inner thigh if they’re rubbing the nose of the saddle. When it’s cold outside, try out a knicker-style bike short that offers maximum coverage of your knees for extra warmth or a full tight one extending up to the ankles.

8.Go for 100% organic cotton cycling shorts as they are breathable, and leave no impressions on the skin, rain or shine.

9.Bike shorts come in several patterns, designs and colours. Whether you want to settle with black and white or go colours is a matter of individual taste and preference. The key is experimenting stuffs like with anything else.

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