Out of all everyday wear, undies can put you in the worst type of discomfort. Some underwear can last all day, others just don’t seem to.

1. If you don’t feel really comfortable...down under, your inners just aren’t breathable, it is time you say goodbye to them and get a new one.

2. When you have too much of squirming and wriggling to do as a result of discomfort, you need to think twice before wearing the same underwear for two or more days at a time.

3. Sweat or perspiration can put you in a spot of bother, especially when the underwear around the butt area sticks to your pants soaked in sweat due to prolonged sitting. And worse if it can turn out to be annoyingly showy when you stand up, especially when you’re wearing a light-coloured trouser.

4. A men’s underwear should flatter one’s physique, it should make his silhouette stand out. Because you never know whether your underwear will turn into a baggy Puffball skirt, you should exercise sagacity in buying the best one.

5. Is your underwear noxiously pinching you? Then you’ll definitely feel the tightness (aka restriction) right down there.

6. When your underwear gets stuck up your butt naturally, or by someone pulling it up there, that isn’t a nice feeling at all!

7. Does your underwear leave marks on your skin? Are your undies getting smaller or are you growing bigger?

8. Chaffing can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable while you are on the go. It can restrict your movement. Go for underwear with a proper fit that offers excellent ventilation system and is anti-chaffing.

9. Why should girls have all the fun? Boys need greater freedom too in terms of movement, choice of fabric, colours, materials, design, etc. If what you wear is really restrictive and inhibiting, you need to give it a thought before you’d wear the same one again.

10. Though boy’s underwear aren’t priced as high as that of the fairer sex. Boys have an issue here: they like to go at anything which carries a cheap tag, and undies come as no exception. Remember quality and price go hand in hand always.

11. Comfort vs. Sexiness. Girls want both. Boys may want one of the two, but rarely get the bestest due to a string of bad choices —not because there is lack of options.

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