Kids work full time; yes, they play and indulge in frolic all day long. From play dates to pajama parties, kids never get tired. We, at BitzIndia, firmly believe that children’s clothing must be an apt foil for intense-activity, high-energy lifestyle. Nay, any kid’s apparel that ceases to bring out the child in your kiddie isn’t worthy of purchase.

BitzIndia has a range of 100% organic clothes for girls and boys including Bloomer, Leggings, Camisole, Panty, Brief, Shorts, Tees, Capri, etc. The benefits of our organic wear are manifold: non-allergic; breathability; less wear and tear, toxic-dyes and chemical-free; pesticide-free; non-flame retardant; eco-friendly; less water usage for cultivation and washing; less carbon footprint; pollution-free; adherence to textile standards; sustainable practise; improved and profitable yield; healthier and better lifestyle for customers; improved and disease-free lifestyle for farmers; fair treatment of workers; safe, fair pay and hygienic working conditions for workers; anti child-labour and inhumane treatment of workers.

BitzIndia makes fun, vibrant and high-quality kids wear with certified organic cotton. Remember that kids have a highly sensitive skin and synthetic fabrics can lead to respiratory disorders, allergies, rashes, etc. Over and above, synthetic fibres are a proven environmental hazard.

BitzIndia ensures all our garments are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. GOTS certifies that the use of raw material for the manufacture of organic clothes as well as the manufacturing process involved is socially responsible and eco-friendly. We do not use any toxic dyes for our range of colourful clothes for kids. Our kids’ collection is also easily mixable and matchable. Easily machine washable, moms no longer need to worry about the everyday stains and pills. Our packing is also reusable and eco-friendly and come this Christmas or New Year, ours can be the best gift for your children for a clean and green planet.

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