Is going organic a one-time act or behavior? It is not a lifestyle, but a way of life to adopt, practice and preach. That is why ‘going organic’ doesn’t necessarily entail buying anything organic, but making it a way of life. So why is going organic more than a mission? Read on.

Organic farming encourages environmental-friendly and scientifically rigorous farming system that is scalable, economically viable, environment-friendly, energy-efficient and that which supports the natural ecosystem, in addition to the socio-economic development of the rural communities. Organic farmers are encouraged to undergo training and education on organic farming, standards, and certification.

In organic farming practices, due respect is given to the indigenous and traditional knowledge, skills and practice in the domain of environmentally sustainable agriculture and active participation of conventional farming communities. It supports farmers engaged in shifting from traditional agriculture to organic farming with access to practical knowledge directly from skilled and experienced organic farmers.

We, at Bitz India, go the extra mile in connecting the entire organic cotton ecosystem from organic producers to consumers. We inform consumers about standards and certifications to ensure that these standards are satisfied to help create sustainable and viable agriculture that matches the highest quality standards.

We also raise awareness amongst different sections of consumers on the safety, health and environmental benefits of switching to organic cotton wear.

Bitz India helps reduce the carbon footprint of the region, lower the use of environmentally harmful chemicals and pesticides, and also helps maintain a green and clean country. This is achieved through meticulous management of farming processes from the careful use of water to techniques that enable essential soil nutrients to be renewed. By this, the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and chemicals found in traditional practices are completely eliminated.

Organic farming practices also address issues concerning human health (both consumer as well farmer), environmental pollution and the balance between agricultural and ecological sustainability.

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