An expecting mother is in charge right from the word ‘go’, as she undergoes a lot of physical and psychological changes. She, more importantly, is given the rein of taking care of two lives. She has to ensure her child is completely safe and that her baby is not exposed to any dangerous chemicals that potentially harm the baby. An expectant mother has to take smart decisions during this most important phase of her life. “Green living” is no more a choice but rather a conscious decision she has to make for a healthy pregnancy and baby care.

Let’s start off with maternity clothes, basically ‘feelgood‘fashion. There can be no denying that even a pregnant woman would want to dress decently for any occasion –whether for leisure, at a party or in the office. If you’re an expectant mom, you can wear whatever you like feel — shirts, tops, pants, blouses, tunics, denim, etc —however, they should be manufactured out of non-toxic cotton fabrics. Impressive designs and flattering cuts allow for easy mobility. Organic cotton inners such as bras, panties, camisoles, etc, because of their non-toxic nature, should offer greater comfort and protection post-pregnancy.

What really matters under these circumstances is the careful selection of eco-friendly materials (such as organic cotton) taking into consideration the production aspects; little, if no use of chemicals and the required confirmation to social standards, certifications and eco-friendly practises. What they wear should be complemented by stretchy insets and elastic waist for the perfect fit accommodating the several changes occurring in the body and easy on their skin without causing skin rashes or irritations. Is there any fabric better than pure organic cotton to protect yours and of course your baby’s health?

When you opt for ‘green fashion’, you consciously support the environment around you and stand up for conservation of the eco-system and decent working condition for labourers all over the world. If you’re an expectant mom looking for quality eco-fashion, organic wear, don’t go any further online and browse our categories for women’s, and kids’ organic wear.

Any better way for a healthy, conscious and sustainable life than switching to organic cotton? Enjoy greater comfort with a sound conscience and more importantly, you wear something just as durable as conventional cotton.