Clothing brands over the world should question themselves if they are really committed to the planet. This said, several inner garment brands have started to embrace sustainable fabrics including hemp, bamboo, organic cotton blends. An enticing line of toxic-free undergears including organic bras, briefs, vests, panties, etc have hit the stores in recent years. Organic bras are getting popular day by day as we get to see them on the beach as well as under a dress. As we had seen earlier, the benefits of going ‘organic’ is pretty much obvious: organic cotton is non-toxic, pesticide free and environmentally friendly —just like anything next to your skin should be.

Let’s take a closer look at why women should be wearing more of organic cotton bras, more often than not:

Toxic-free Bras:

Something as close to your breasts needs to be really toxic-free. U.S. Breast Cancer Stats show that on average 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. Bras made of traditional fabric, particularly cotton, have tonnes of pesticides sprayed on them every year. Now where do you think these chemicals will eventually end up into? The answer is self-explanatory when your skin comes into contact with your inners made of traditional fabric. Studies further prove that human breast milk can store toxins in excess from our food, environment and clothing. These toxins, apart from affecting breast milk, get deposited in our body as fat cells.

Traditional dye processes:

Traditional dye processes have done more harm to the environment—they are highly toxic (obviously!). Bright fabric colours are great as long as they don’t harm the ecological balance. A lot many fashion manufacturers go for a toxic chemical soup to dye the material. Now for the bad news: the toxins stay in the clothing forever and this is something really scary

Wearing Underwire Bras:

Underwire bras are sexy, cool and chic. Ladies, we get that. But do you know that it can cut off the blood circulation and leads to blockages creating painful lumps either in the breasts or underarms? And theories floating that they cause cancer has been debunked by most experts. Also contrary to the popular belief, bras that offer maximum support actually make girls less perky as they advance in age. Breasts can get less saggy if they are offered no support at all than with an underwire gauntlet, uplifted, air compressing full support bra. If you are a woman within the age of 40, then you should be more selective when it comes to choosing the right lingerie.