We will continue from where we left in the previous blog. If you want to put on a shirt having a V-neckline, pick a blazer. Layer your tee underneath a fitted blazer to produce a stylish look. Try wearing your tee under a fitted blazer to craft a unique look fitting for “dressier” occasions. A combo of dark jeans and heels with it works great for an evening out. Mash it up with a tailored trouser or a pencil skirt and turn it into a professional wear. If Blazer is not your thing, pick a fitting cardigan instead.

Go Monochromatic:

Shirts having V-necklines are mostly flattering because they tend to elongate the upper body. Irrespective of how your body shape is, when you mix tees with outfits that are monochromatic, it gives you a slim effect. If you want to look taller and thinner, put on your fave black V-neck with integral black pants and black boots. If you want to craft the monochromatic look, you can wear V-neck shirts in any colour, but for slimmer looks, pick darker colours.

Layer Up

We recommend shirts with necklines for layering. Put on one underneath your button-down flannel shirt for an awesome fall look. For a much laid-back style, wear one under a zip-up hoodie. You can try this out even under a spaghetti-strap top or sundress for a modest look. If the weather is cold or chilly, layer a V-neck on top of a long sleeve shirt.

The moral of the story: V-neck t-shirts are a must have. Stocking some in basic colours such as black and white helps when you’ve a nice shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down for almost any event or occasion. Needless to say, having V-neck tees in selected colours can produce great looks that are uniquely you.

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