So, you had managed to buy your first organic cotton underwear, but clueless how to care for it? You may have a few questions in your mind like washing your organic wear and use of tide washing powder, fading of its colours, durability of the underwear and bleaching of the organic fabric.

Washing your organic underwear

Do you worry about shrinkage? You needn’t. Go for the correct size and you do not have to buy a ‘large’ or an ‘extra large’ size. Drying can be a problem if you overheat any garment; organic wear is no exception. Organic underwear can tend to shrink if you dry your garment, and the shrinkage can be as much as 4%. Watch out how you dry your organic cotton fabric.

Conventional cotton apparel does not shrink much as they are normally treated with chemicals. Organic cotton fabric can shrink as much as 10% or even more in high heat as it isn’t treated with chemicals. Shrinkage can worsen the garment’s lengths, though not discernible for widths. Our suggestion will be to hang your garment to dry and not use any heating methods. If you are using dryer, then switch to ‘Air’cycle’ mode.

Eco-friendly dyes can fade if you use powerful bleaching agents or detergents. Because organic cotton wear does not contain chemical colour fixatives, mixing light colours with dark ones is a strict ‘no-no’, at least for the first few times of washing as it would cause the dye to bleed profusely. In your first wash, add a quarter-cup of vinegar during rinsing after wash. This will resist bleeding or fading and set the fabric colour.

During your first few washes, make sure you turn the fabric inside down when you are washing print. This will ensure the fabric colour is locked in and retained for several years.

Using chlorine beach will deteriorate the natural condition of the cotton fabric. The fabric will fade and lose its natural colour, and the garment’s fibre will also gradually lose its strength.

We have been asked often if Tide and other detergents can be used for washing organic cotton wear. Hard on dyeing materials and delicate inks, most detergents contain abrasive chemicals that can be hard on your skin and the environment.

Check your washing machine before wash as any detergent residue from a previous wash can also affect the fabric condition of organic wear. We always recommend rinsing your machine well before putting any organic garments into it. Mild detergents like Woolite can be used for rinsing. If you have any doubts or clarifications as for the care of organic cotton fabric, kindly get in touch with us.

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