Are you a girl or woman looking for the perfect underwear? For most females, it can be a daunting task with so many options available in the marketplace. You may face confusions whether going for the boyshorts or briefs. Lycra or Cotton? Do you find thongs less comfortable? What is shapewear good for? And for heaven’s sake, what the heck is a C-String? Don’t you think things have become very complicated? Certainly. This is because an overwhelming choice of variety and bizarreness can drive you mad. This said organic cotton will present you with the best and healthiest choice. Everything else seems to pose some minor to serious health issues that range from skin rashes to yeast infections, if worn regularly and often under the wrong conditions. Here's what we recommend women on the right selection of underwear:

Avoid thongs when working out:

Women can even consider this as a cardinal rule. Why? Wearing tight fitting thongs is uncomfortable and tends to slide back and forth when you’re working out. Watch out, this friction and heat generated can lead to vaginal bacterial infections and UTIs (urinary tract infections) whatever fabric the thong you wear is. When you’re working out, go for underwear made with moisture wicking technology that will help check yeast infections.

Stick with briefs & boyshorts for the everyday:

Now that you have ditched your everyday thong into your wardrobe. What next? Why not try briefs and boyshorts alternatively? Here is what expert doctors have to say on why your decision to ditch your everyday thong can be right. One of the common bacteria in faeces, E. coli, can come into contact with the vagina via thong. If that further ascends into the uterus there is a possibility for increased risk of Pelvic Inflammatory disease in women or bladder infection if it gets into the bladder. Still want to stick with your everyday thong? Organic cotton is the best available option, and for an organic cotton thong.

Organic cotton underwear is what you need:

Natural cotton wicks moisture away from your delicate skin inhibiting yeast growth; this will keep your fresh and active all day long. Synthetic fabrics like Nylon and Lycra do not allow heat and moisture to escape thus serving as fertile grounds for yeast formation. We recommend wearing underwear that has a cotton lining on the inside.

We will discuss more on why you should choose the right undies in a second part series of the post soon. Until then, remember that undergarments hold the key to a sophisticated finish and clean finish and every girl or women would vouch on its importance.