We will continue from where we left in the first part series of the article. Simple as it may sound, we were discussing at length why as a girl or woman the wrong selection of underwear is nothing short of terrible. Here are some more tips:

Changing underwears often may help :

Now that you have started wearing organic cotton underwear when you hit gym, remember to change them immediately after you’re done with your workout. You went for cotton panties in the first place only to protect yourself from yeast infections, but what if it becomes too sweaty? The slow-to-dry fabric nature may put you into greater risk. You can tone down the risk by carrying an extra pair of underwear in your gym bag and have the one used during the workout changed before you leave the gym. You can have your planned shower later, of course.

Go easy on the shapewear:

Wearing too much of Spanx, skin-hugging jeans and spandex bottoms can have serious health issues. Wear shapewear and skin-hugging undergarments too frequently, and you run the risk of urinary tract infections. The ideal frequency will be two times a week, and when you do, don’t forget to wear cotton underwear beneath.

Seamless Styles – the ultimate comfort factor

Look for seamless underwear – they usually have laser cut edges that are barely visible, and go easy on the skin too. Elastic bands that are very tight can have an irritating effect on your skin. If you rub constantly on the irritated spot, it can cause abrasions that can go skin deep enough to cause skin darkening — and worse permanent scarring, in some cases. Also, if your underwear is too old for use, the elastic is exposed and causes serious rashes on the skin. This condition is known as irritant contact dermatitis.

Go free balling at Bedtime:

It was a long day’s work; finally, you hit the sack and sock on, why do you worry about the underwear? The best way girls can prevent yeast infections is to go commando and keep their private parts as dry and breathable as possible, especially when give your pillow some head. When it comes to nightdress, loose-fitting pajamas that are non-constricting and breathable are just A-OK.

Does it sound complicated now? It seemed like when we started off. After all, no one can care for your body in the same way you can; no one has as much to lose if you don't care enough. All said and done, it is advised to consult a dermatologist if skin problems persist and take proper skincare.