Packing can be one of the most daunting tasks when getting ready for a big trip. It is stressful enough just trying to remember everything that you need to pack. It can be downright nerve-racking to expect the unexpected and decide what clothing you might need on your trip. Packing the proper travel apparel can become easy if you know where you are going, and what you plan to see when you get there.

Here are a few tips to choose your travel clothing which will make packing all the more easy.

Check the weather

Before embarking on a trip check the weather of the place and pack accordingly. You will get specific monthly forecast at the click of a button. Look for general forecast with average temperatures.

Decide an itinerary

To help with clothing selection a travel itinerary doesn’t need to be specific. You should have a general idea about where all you will be visiting and what kind of activities you will be indulging in. For instance, if you are visiting waterparks, you will need clothes that will dry easily.

Stick to a colour scheme

All clothing can be paired together by maintaining a colour scheme throughout a travel wardrobe. That way out of a few pieces you can make multiple outfits. A colour scheme makes it easier to match all clothing to only one or two pairs of shoes along with eliminating extra clothing.

Be aware of the cultural norms

Whichever country you are visiting be aware of the culture and tradition so that you don’t do something that might hurt their religious sentiments. For instance, avoid skimpy, tight-fitting clothes if visiting the Middle East. And for covering the head bring some type of scarf, which is compulsory if you are visiting holy sites in the region.

Take clothing that is wrinkle resistant

If you want to avoid the usual creases associated with packing use wrinkle-resistant clothes, which are made to be packed and unpacked. When travelling for business, packing wrinkle-resistant items is especially important.

Choosing Your Materials

Cotton: For your chosen itinerary just make sure your cotton layers are breathable

Nylon or Wicking: If you’ll be doing more activities like mountain biking or hiking choose layers that will handle sweat and heat.

Fleece or Wool: For additional warmth you only need one or two of these layers. They are well worth the investment.