Men, like their sexual counterpart, deserve everything that women would want in terms of inner comfort. In fact, men deserve great underwear—something they feel comfy, touch light, and look great. This means underwear that fits well, that doesn’t develop holes in it under five years of use, and that which men don’t cringe when their pants come off.

Wearing underwear shouldn’t be seen as something that ought to be done first up every morning, rather it should be a starting point of a new day. A good, clean-fitting, chic and sexy pair of underwear can be an exciting ‘love body’ affair. Sure, there a lot many who’d argue that it’s a ‘man’s inner thing’ and doesn’t really matter. After all, nobody is going to see through your pants and surprise you. You can now bet on yourself. The challenge out here is to find yourself just the right pair of inners, if not the perfect one.

A quick check-list:

Given purpose: Do you have any specific purpose in mind? Then think over it and pick a suitable pair.

Know your size: Most brands offer a size chart, either online on their website or in-store; do note that the fitting may significantly vary from brand to brand.

Select good fabric:Most guys prefer cotton because of the superior level of comfort it offers. Satin, spandex or silk aren’t bad either. Why not pick organic cotton underwear for a cosier and more conforming fit? And you do your own bit for the environment too by going for eco-friendly materials made using innovative and sustainable production methods.

Spend smart: The price you pay should pay off in the long run. We recommend you to buy in bulk and not invest in cheaper knockoffs.

Right type: Deciding on the right type of underwear is basically a matter of your lifestyle.

Active lifestylers can opt for briefs: relaxed types will find boxers to be more comfortable.

Connecting your inners with the wardrobe: Mixing lights and darks, notwithstanding what your undershirts or pants, can spell disaster.

There are a multitude of styles, looks and varying levels of premium comfort to consider for men’s inner —briefs, trunks, shorts, etc. Boxers make for a relaxed wear. Trunks suit everyday wear and dressing up. The point is every men’s inner’s type will have its own little place in the wardrobe, and how you choose also boils down to how you manage to keep your costs low, while still eyeing on quality.