The blue skies and gleaming sunny summer days, if anything, are fun and gusto, but when the temperature hits the maximum, it is the time when things can get somewhat sticky. Sweating is never fun! We have got a few tricks, hacks and tips for you to stay cool this summer long and enjoy it as much as you can:

Carry Water On Hand (Always):

Wherever you go , ensure you carry a cold bottle (or two) with you. Taking in plenty of fluids, particularly H20 is vital to preventing dehydration of any form during the scorching and summering heat.

Organic Cotton Inner Wear is the Best:

Wearing organic cotton inner wear is great for several reasons. It is fast-drying, extremely breathable and allows for increased ventilation unlike other synthetic cotton materials. Organic inner wear offers you extra level of breathability so that you remain dry, comfy and cool.

For men, organic core briefs and vests from BitzIndia make an excellent choice – the quick-drying, ultra smooth and super absorbent fabric keeps men really comfy before, during and after a strenuous physical activity.

Organic cotton can keep moisture away from the skin. By evaporating and wicking away body sweat, they help keep the skin cool and dry. Organic cotton inner wears have optimal weight—neither too heavy nor light therefore, you’ll feel drier, cooler and totally at ease.

Top It Off:

Putting on a fitting hat, that is. A flopping hat or cap will guard you from the effects of the sun and wow the onlookers at the same time.

Dress Light

Start your summer season with our smooth, light and seamless range of organic cotton under clothing. You can pair your organic inners with our leggings, shorts, tanks, tees, and camisole, all made of pure 100% organic cotton. Feel ultra comfy with BitzIndia as we respect your body!

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