When it comes to styling your child, there is a multitude of options. Kids fashion has come a long way over the years, particularly when it comes to designer kids clothing. The internet is brimming over with trending styles and options that can offer your kids the perfect fitting. Though kids look absolutely gorgeous with whatever they wear, it is up to us to ensure we pamper our kids with supreme comfort and luxury wear.

1.Choose comfort over style always. If you are looking to buy boy’s inners or girl’s panty, ensure the fabric is practical and breathable like organic cotton that also allows for greater freedom of movement and adjustability. Kids’ clothes cluttered with too many buttons, ties and shoddily stitched flourishes are a no-no. Design details such as buttons can easily fall off clothes over time, while your kids play or in everyday washing. If your kid finds a specific dress difficult to put on or take off, that is again not desirable. Dressing up your kid should be fun, not another chore!

2.It’s a family event, and you want your child to be dressed head to toe. But if your child isn’t dotty about it, don’t bring the pressure on. There are a slew of popular choices for kids that may look fabulous. While adults need to dress chic and dashing on someone’s big day, children can get away with it.

3.It is ok for us to put on a cocktail dress for New Year’s Eve, and put the coat behind to avoid the trouble of a coat-check, but can kids make that choice?

4.Kids would want to try out everything parents usually wear – from daddy’s shoes or playing with your mommy's lipstick. It is completely alright to give them some fun that way with lots of adult fashion for kids available, whilst still retaining the childhood in its pristine form.

5.While your little one enjoy the different stages of growth, you can help your kids participate in what they want to wear. If you kid is a toddler, you can begin by offering them choices between two shirts or different wears. While this is pre-meditated, your kids will be surprised by this confidence-building and empowering exercise. If your kid is bit choosey, you can play around with the same tactic, when shopping for clothes. Give them the option to choose between a couple of dresses based on their age and level of understanding.

6.As they mature, let them expand their choice combinations you wouldn’t essentially choose. If your kid’s choice of outfit is a mix of fun and wackiness, ask your kid what makes him or her pick one in the first place. Check if that is the colour combo or fabric feel they like. Different answers won’t fail to surprise you.

7.While still kids, they are ones with their own preferences and tastes. Asking them the right questions will open up new opportunities for learning more about your kid’s thought process and many more things.

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