If you have been hooked to wearing the trendy and chic range of capris, of late, learn in this blog how actually you can wear them, and, while you do so, maintain a gratifying silhouette. Here are some ways you can wear capris

• If you need to give your capris a flattering look, ensure they are bit tapered. The more your capris stick to the natural leg line, the better it will look. If wide trousers work for your look, why think further? Grab a full leg. Follow a very tight leg line for capris and cropped pants.

• The recommended way to reduce the effects of long shortening is to go for high heels. They will look quite flattering with cropped pants.

• It is important that you form a rule of thirds when it comes to your dressing. Make the top part as 1/3 (as it usually is the case) and the bottom part should be 2/3. However, if you are looking to form a 1/3 bottom 2/3 top silhouette, you can pull off the 1/3-2/3 look easily by tucking in the top of the capris or cropped pants. Another way is to wear a long tunic and pair it with your capris for a 2/3-1/3 silhouette.

• If there isn’t any contrast between your legs and shoes, your legs will look longer. Wearing shoes minus straps enhances a long leg look. There are some who would like to wear high heel shoes having straps. This will work wonders when you put on heals; however, if your legs are short and stumpy, the way to go is to wear high heels.• Higher booties work like charm with cropped pants, and this will tone down the way cropped pants make you appear shorter, particularly if you want to match it to the colour of your pants.

• If you are looking to wear capris that are wider or flared, ensure you pick a shorter top. If you are turned on by high waist cropped pants, pair it with tops with waist ending.

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