We know that kids have delicate and sensitive skin; they could even fall sick if they are prone to skin allergies when synthetic chemicals enter into the tiny skin pores with constant use of synthetic fibers like rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, etc. There are several skin ailments that could affect the kids which parents are not even aware of. This stems out of the fact that the lack of awareness on the harmful effects of traditional cotton and synthetic fibre materials is highly prevalent in society.

Bitz India is also committed to the safety and health of farmers all over the world. This is also the prime concept of organic cotton growing. We are doing our bit for the environment around and by this, we are also creating fair wages and equal work opportunities for labourers globally.

We don’t stop with this. We are also taking efforts to raise awareness on the harmful effects of the use of plastics for packaging, the detrimental effects of prolonged use of synthetic fibres and positive impacts of growing organic cotton and utilizing the material as day-to-day wear through our website, digital channels and offline in fairs, exhibitions and industrial meets. Thereby, we have created another stream of opportunity for cotton growers as well as changing the mindset of the consumers when it comes to the negative impact of synthetic fibres and conventional cotton. Besides, our range of organic cotton apparels for kids is extremely comfortable and trendy without compromising on the quality factor.

If you’re looking to protect your child from ailments including trigger rashes, allergies, respiratory disorders etc, then going for organic cotton wear is the way forward. The only downside that we can think of is that organic garments require a fair bit of maintenance and need to be dry cleaned and hand washed only.

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