The fashion industry has seen a sea change since the last decade especially when the hues and cry over animal testing and animal cruelty became shriller. Leading fashion brands, companies and designers vouched to make a significant shift to sustainable fashion that went on to dominate the fashion industry like never before. Fur gave way to Faux fur and suede replaced leather in the process. The last few years witnessed the evolution of natural and organic cotton fabric. Next, organic cotton manufacturers ensured that organic wear is not only functional by nature, but also look super-chic and highly trendy.

A sustainable fashion, organic cotton wear was limited only to adults in the early stages, but the last two years saw a wave of kids’ organic cotton brands and startups doing the rounds globally. Bitz India grew from strength to strength to introduce a unique organic cotton product line for kids including bloomers, leggings, camisole, briefs, and shorts.

It was the outrageously generous use of synthetic chemicals and agents that prompted us to enter into this segment. Furthermore, kids form one of the largest consumers of apparel and their health is of utmost essence. Also, organic cotton can make a major positive impact on the environment and ecosystem around. It didn’t take long for us to understand that it is actually the everyday apparel and not just the occasional party wear that needs to be sustainably produced for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and the lowest impact on the environment.

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