If you are a traveller woman who has been travelling extensively, you must be having a fair idea of how many bras you should pack in your bag. But for those who are wondering if there is a perfect number, consider the following points:

How Many Times Are You Gonna Wear a Bra?

Most experts are of the opinion that it is okay to put on a bra 2-3 times before you put into the washing machine. This said if you are in a hot destination this might be a little less and if you are stationed in a cold destination, you may require more.

There is no secret that most women go past the suggested guidelines in the blogpost; therefore, plan accordingly when packing and it is also likely that you may have to handwash them while travelling.

What Type of Activities Do You Involve With?

If you need to involve yourself in high impact activities you have to wash them more often than when you’re just going around. You must also consider carrying a sports bra in your bag for active travel and if you intend to work out at gyms along the way. Sometimes wearing a sports bra on a day long tour is recommended as a welcome break from the underwire bras, and you know never, what knockings and bumps you’ll experience during your travel. Where and why you travel will allow you to pick the style and colour of the bra.

To reduce the number of bras you pack, go for versatile styles including t-shirt, convertible and so on. The most versatile colour is the one next to your skin or nude tone. We have a range of organic fashion bras that come in next to your skin tones on our website. You can put on nudes under everything you may want, including black, for a clean and chic look. Based on the destination and duration of the travel, you may pack your bras suitably:

Weekend Travel

A small weekend travel might require your packing various types of bras; therefore pack what you wish to wear on your travel.

2 Week Vacation

Ensure you pack just enough so that you need not wash frequently on your trip (1 for every 2-3 days or so); if you love washing them, pack less.

Long Term Travel

You probably do a laundry on a month or a fortnightly long trip, so pack the required lot for the travel.

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