Are you running short of ideas this Valentine’s Day? Well, take heart; you are not alone. In fact there are several companies that ride on your emotions and inability to think something ‘different’ – you end up getting stuck with the same gift over and over.

Organic this Valentine's Day

If your better half happens to be eco-conscious, a tree hugger, a conscious consumer who mumbles and grumbles about city pollution limits and seems to rave endlessly about her new mineral Sunscreen, maybe she is dropping a hint that you should go ‘Organic’ this Valentine Day. Here are some ideas on how to dress ‘organic’ —from simple to flashy —on the big day that won’t burn your pockets or kill the planet. We are sure your deary won’t be disappointed.

Why not go for a Neck Tee for your fella? They are comfy, relaxing, go great with any outfit, and help flaunt and flatter your macho. They come in a range of colours, sizes and types - Half Sleeve, Round Neck & V-Neck for you to choose from. Dress to kill for any occasion: Sports or leisure with our Neck Tees. And more importantly they are produced from premium 100% organic cotton fabric. Perfect for the celebration as well as for the environment. Now then, lovepunch your ducky with either with a Chudidar Leggings or Ankle Leggings made of organic cotton. She would love it completely with an ‘absolutely crazy about you’ feel.

Why not go naughty and spunky on the V-day with sexy lingerie made from pure organic cotton? Check our range of Fashion bra, Camisole, Panties and other inner essentials with a heavy dose of comfort, style, quality and eco-consciousness —just the thing to keep her going on and on with deep unbridled passion. Finding the right organic wear is no more a challenge: we have an exotic collection of some of the best organic cotton garments that you will want to wear over and over again .

Our extensive and unique collection of organic cotton wear is perfect for the guys and gals who care for our earth, humans and animals. Get comfy and relax on your V day by grabbing yourself one and let love do the rest!