Do we really care about where our clothes come from or how they negatively impact the environment? We just don’t realize that most clothing items come from plant fibres that have been genetically modified, radiated or treated with chemical or synthetic pesticides. As you may understand, these processes can be pretty tough on the environment. Take some hope, there is organic cotton clothing.

Clothes that are manufactured from all-organic cotton materials are part of the organic movement, which is basically farming-and processing method-based that has no big impact on the soil, air and water. There also has been a lot of hue and cry in recent times about the harmful impact of traditional fabrics and clothing. The best alternative is switching to organic clothing and investing in the future of our planet in a very small way by minimizing the impact of traditional fabrics on the environment. A great way to start off with is to check some of our organic cotton inner wear and organic wear that we have stocked for you at BitzIndia

What are the ways to identify Organic Clothing?

In order for a fabric to be considered organic, there are certain things that you need to look for especially when purchasing organic clothes.

1. Agricultural certifications to let you know that the fibres of a fabric were organically cultivated.

2. Textile certifications are a proof that a particular fabric was manufactured in an environmental-friendly way

3. A Global Organic Textile Standards certification is an indication that a particular organic fabric has followed the entire spectrum of process–right from the farm to the factory.

It is important to look for these certifications when you are shopping for organic cotton wear. If nothing, then check if the tag contains key terms such as “no chemical finishes” or “low-impact dyes”. Though you will find different kinds of organic materials to choose from, organic cotton has its own advantages compared to other materials. Check our whole range of organic innerwear and activewear for men, women and kids on our website that offers unique eco-friendly benefits.

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