A sleeveless garment that is worn by its own or under sweaters, low-cut tops, or jackets, is called a camisole or cami. Now, you get to buy better fitting camisoles, thanks to the invention of nylon and other stretchy materials.

They are available in a wide variety of prints, fabrics and colours. To enhance its appeal lace trim and other embellishments are also used.

This article will make it easy for you to buy the right camisole according to your needs.

Types of Camisoles

Camisole is a wardrobe essential and every woman will have it in their wardrobe. Different types of camisoles are available – from strappy, shiny items, to supportive, beige ones. Their fabric and design will also vary. You will find camisoles with different kinds of straps, neckline and length.

Camisole Fabric

Silk, cotton jersey, satin, or polyester is typically used to make camisoles. Polyester and cotton jersey will offer more stretch. If you are looking for flowy or loose camisoles opt for silk and satin fabrics. Depending on the material, style and fit they are worn as outerwear and underwear.

Camisole Length

Camisoles come in different lengths. Its length will be up to mid-hip normally. If it is shorter then it is not a camisole but a bralette top and if it is longer then it is a chemise. For evening wear cropped, shorter camisoles are used as fashion tops. To tuck into suits, skinny jeans and tailored pants longer pieces are chosen.

Camisole Necklines

To complement both the wearer and the outfit the neckline of a camisole can be chosen accordingly. They may have V-neck, u-neck and even sweetheart necklines.

Camisole Straps

Camisoles’ width and length will vary. Choose according to your comfort. If you are looking for more support, select camis with thick straps. If you are going to wear it under a jacket or top then a thin strap will do.

Camisoles as Exercise Apparel

For exercise wear lycra camisoles that are constructed with built-in bra support are used. Women who are doing Pilates, yoga, cardio activities, or weight lifting can stay cool if they wear supportive apparel. In constructing exercise camisoles special fabric that absorbs moisture from the body is also often used.

Camisoles as Fashion Tops

You can wear a camisole on its own and make a fashion statement. They can be worn at the beach, or even for evening wear. However, when worn alone camisoles are not considered proper professional attire. Some camisoles are made especially as undergarments and they are not suitable as outerwear.

Camisoles for Maternity and Nursing

For maternity and as nursing top a specialized form of camisole is used. To support postpartum tummy a stretchy material is used for support. To uncover the breast there will be tabs on the straps of nursing tanks. Without having to lift her entire top this allows the mother to nurse her baby.

How to Buy a Camisole

Camisoles can be purchased both online and offline. Stores that sell undergarments also sell a wide variety of camisoles. Since camis are made using stretchable fabrics there is no need to try them on before purchasing. You can buy a great variety of camisoles from online retailers. So check them out!